“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Gandhi

Our members understand the potential of the impact produced by their actions today, to create a responsible tomorrow. In this increasingly interconnected world, their actions are not only creating a responsible tomorrow for them, but consequently for all.

Our individual members (Synergists), organisational members (Partner Synergists) and Patrons (both organisations and individuals), are all enjoying a wealth of privileges and opportunities, and boosting their professional standing, prosperity and their sense of achievement, in the process of creating a responsible future for everyone.

Memberships are open to everyone who shares our vision of a responsible tomorrow. In order to apply for a membership, you will have to complete an electronic application form. Memberships are valid for one year.

Find out about the membership benefits in general and the types of membership below.

Membership benefits for all members

Get recognition

Enhance your or your organisation’s professional and social standing with the prestigious membership designations, membership logo and membership certificate. Get yourself and/or your organisation distinguished and featured for relevant accomplishments or ideas and opinions in press releases, PR pieces, social media shout-outs and other publications or events of the Centre for Big Synergy (CBS).

Receive opportunities

Receive a wealth of opportunities to grow professionally and personally whilst making a positive contribution for the future- jobs and consulting assignments, prospective business projects, and funding from social investors for your projects/enterprises/organisations, to name a few.


Interact with a global fraternity of like-minded individuals and organisations, keep abreast of new developments, exchange ideas and spot opportunities; attend national and international events and award ceremonies organised by CBS to build your personal network to collaborate, create or evolve.

Mentor and learn

Mentor and receive mentoring, support or guidance from accomplished members/member organisations. Receive access to professional development resources, grants, scholarships, sponsorships and bursaries. Inspire others to follow on your footsteps.

Stay ahead of the curve

Get involved in defining tomorrow’s policies and practices, glean consumer insights and shape the future of what we use and how we use those in our daily lives. Be the first to learn about responsible innovations and trends and help with research and analysis to further evolve those. Receive exclusive discounts, offers and subscriptions from partner organisations and collaborators.

Shape history

Earn your place in history as a proud contributor or leader to have architected a more thriving tomorrow by joining local or global campaigns aimed at creating or evolving products, practices and policies for a responsible future. Be an actively participating stakeholder for the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Promote news, updates and the tangible impact of the projects – inform, inspire and involve others in such projects, or start new projects all together.

Types of membership


‘Synergists’ range from University students to entrepreneurs and professionals, from CEOs to scientists and politicians alike- everyone is able to contribute and gain equally with CBS.

Learn about the membership benefits and apply.


From local businesses to multinational brands, from charities to influential think tanks, our ‘Partner Synergists’ are helping shape a more responsible future, whilst boosting their socio-economic standing.

Learn about the membership benefits and apply.


‘Patrons’ are individuals as well as organisations who share our vision and support our initiatives – financially, morally and through active collaborations, both locally and globally.

Learn about the patronship benefits and register.