About us

Centre for Big Synergy (CBS) is a not-for-profit, global consortium of change makers committed to create a more responsible future for all.

Our members or ‘synergists’ are individuals as well as public, private and community organisations, who currently are, or have the potential of fulfilling our vision and mission.

Vision: Create a thriving, capable and responsible future for us and generations to come.

Mission: Facilitate the responsible creation and evolution of products, practices and policies.

CBS is led by change makers from a wide range of backgrounds including academia, international development, scientific research and development, food and hospitality, sustainable development, healthcare and medicine, business and social enterprise, and creative arts, to name a few. The rich diversity of skills, expertise and experiences they bring to the table from their time in global as well as local boutique organisations, is the crux of the innovative ways of the Centre for Big Synergy.

CBS’ advisors are comprised of Fellow Synergists and globally recognised leaders in their fields of work who are helping us progress the cause of the organisation with their collective wisdom, influence and independent opinions.

Learn more about what we do and our latest global initiative – The Big Synergy Initiative, that is enabling global stakeholders to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.