Featured Projects

The Centre for Big Synergy leads, coordinates and supports projects and campaigns all over the world. Most of the projects are run by its members and partners, both individuals and organisations, local groups and other collaborators.

Please find below a selection of the featured projects run by our synergists in collaboration with members of public, charities, institutions, businesses and governments.

If you would like to feature a project run by you, your local community or your organisation or business, please contact us.

Inclusion with love

Social inclusion of individuals with disabilities is still very poor in developing countries around the world. The initiative aims to portray people with disabilities, in multiple mediums in an interesting and thought provoking manner…..

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Food Ripple

Inspired by the work of the UK charity FoodCycle and its impact on the local community to end food waste as well as alleviate food poverty, synergists form the Centre for big Synergy are …..

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Stop and C

The ‘Stop and C’ initiative intends to compel people to pause and ponder about the known risk factors of cancer and adopt simple but effective evidence-based changes to their lifestyles to avoid cancer. …..

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Water Angels 2023

Water Angels 2023 aims to reduce the per capita water consumption in the UK to 100 litres per day by 2023 to aid the UK government …..

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Simpact 2030

Simpact 2030 aims to publish and publicise short videos, photographs or stories from synergists and others alike who have successfully tweaked or changed a convention, practice or habit to reduce its impact on the planet and its resources ……

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Microplastic free 2030

“Microplastic free 2030” is a public awareness project that is involving close to 4.23 million schools and nurseries across the globe to help limit microplastic pollution…..

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Big Syn film festival

Big Syn International Film Festival, London.

Big Syn Intenational Film Festival is the world’s biggest online UNSDGs film festival…

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Syn Art 2030

Syn Art 2030 is an international art and creativity movement involving budding, amateur and professional artists and art enthusiasts to create outstanding functional art made from waste and found objects with particular emphasis on using non-recyclable plastic waste. …..

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Name Twins 2030

‘Name twins 2030’ is aimed to inspire individuals to find their name twins from around the world primarily via networking sites, clubs, membership organisations, Universities and schools, and pass on the objective of the UN 2030 agenda……

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