Inclusion with love

Social inclusion of individuals with disabilities is still very poor in developing countries around the world. The initiative aims to portray people with disabilities, in multiple mediums, in an interesting and thought provoking manner, in a way they are least expected to be portrayed, for people to take a note of them and question about their own perceptions about disabled people in their society. The idea is to challenge the commonly held perceptions about people with disabilities and encourage more dialogue on the topic, to help the social evolution for widespread inclusion of disabled people in developing countries. The project is overseen by the Centre for Big Synergy and is currently being coordinated via a network of volunteers in developing countries and the UK.

UN SDG: 10
Status: Ongoing

How can you participate?

Join us to be a synergist and an Official Ambassador for Inclusion with love; spread the message around the world via your social and professional contacts, get involved with or manage country-wise operations for the project, be a global influencer to create more changemakers, and be awarded and recognised for your contributions.

1. If you are a creative person; a photographer, graphic designer, actor, makeup artist, film director, cinematographer, animator and would like to get involved in the ‘Inclusion with Love’ project, please contact us so that we can get you directly involved with country wise projects based on your location.

2. Check this page and social media posts to be informed about country wise release of media forms as they become ready, and you can then spread those far and wide in your country to boost socio-economic inclusion of disabled people in your country.

Find out more details about the project below.


The poor socio-economic inclusion of people with disabilities in the developing world is a known problem. First hand experiences of disabled family members of CBS’ synergists from such developing countries have provided more details of the extent of such exclusion, the social taboos associated with such disabilities and the devastating impact of such exclusion on their lives. Clearly, there is more to be done in addition to the outstanding work done by some of the governments and non-governmental organisations in these countries. With that in mind, the inclusion with love project was started to bring to the attention of the larger society, the importance and necessity of socio-economic inclusion of disabled people from all across the society in such countries.


The poor socio-economic inclusion of people with disabilities in the developing world is a known problem. One of the key reasons for the socio-economic exclusion of disabled people is the ignorance of the society at large when it comes to such matters. Hence, the project aims to portray disabled people from developing countries, in multiple mediums, in a thought provoking manner, in a way they are least expected to be portrayed. The mediums to portray the disabled people have been chosen to maximise the dissemination of the message to all strata of the society using high and low-tech media forms as suitable.


The intended impact of this project is targeted at the wider society of developing countries in particular, to take note of their disabled citizens because of their rather interesting and unconventional portrayal as part of the Inclusion with Love project. This is likely to compel people to evolve their perceptions about the plight of disabled people in their society, start a dialogue amongst them about it, and hopefully pause and reflect on how things can be improved for the disabled and start or get involved in projects in their countries that are already leading the way for such changes.