What we do

CBS initiates and facilitates local and international projects in collaboration with its partners to inform, inspire and engage multiple stakeholders to address the UN SDGs. Current projects facilitated by CBS include ones ranging from educating 1 billion children about microplastic pollution to improving inclusion of disabled people in developing countries; from combating the cancer pandemic to hosting an international film festival – the biggest of its kind!


CBS informs all possible stakeholders (civil society, institutions, charities, NGOs, businesses and governments) the importance of the vision and mission of CBS, for now and the future. They are informed about the importance of establishing synergy amongst their initiatives to be able to create a sustainable and responsible future for all. Stakeholders are also informed about the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals and how the participation of each and every individual and organisation is paramount to ensure the ultimate success of this agenda.


CBS publicises inspiring stories and case studies of initiatives that have produced tangible changes and long-term impacts, and how each one of us can be part of more of such change-making initiatives, not as a favour for others, but for ourselves and our own future!  


CBS employs the global network of individuals, organisations, civil society, NGOs and businesses with particular emphasis on involving those with remarkable untapped potential, to initiate, collaborate with or continue on initiatives aimed at responsible creation and evolution of products, practices and policies.