Water Angels

Water Angels aims to reduce the per capita water consumption in the UK to 100 L/day from the current 141 L/day, to aid the UK government in meeting its target to be able to provide water for a growing population without taking additional water from the environment. The project is implemented with the help of civic society volunteers, water companies and professionals from the water industry. The project is overseen by the Centre for Big synergy.

UN SDG: 6 
Status: Ongoing

How can you participate?

Join us to be a synergist and an Official Ambassador for Water Angels; inform your own water company, and your regular plumber/s at work or home about the objectives of Water Angels, get involved with or manage country-wise operations for the project, be an influencer to create more changemakers, and be awarded and recognised for your contributions.

1. If you can refer a friend or colleague or a plumbing company who you think can be a Water Angel partner, please forward their details to us or ask them to contact us.

2. As a member of public, you can be a peer influencer for Water Angel by influencing your peers. You can visit waterwise for a wealth of information about how to change some of our largely conventional habits in order to save water.

Find out more details about the project below.


Most water companies in the UK are taking measures to reduce the waste of water by educating customers about saving water, fitting water meters or free water saving fittings and fixtures in their homes and businesses, to name a few. The initiatives of the water companies and some not for profits dedicated to make the use of water sustainable, have borne outstanding results over the last decade or so.  However, having looked at the facts and figures published by the UK government around the use of water and the targets to achieve sustainability, the Centre for Big Synergy understood that there is still a need for more to be done as far as helping every household save more water. So, the CBS has decided to involve plumbers and plumbing companies, as well as the civic society  from across the UK to help households save more water and bring down the per capita household water consumption to less than 100 litres per day.


CBS in association with water companies and not-for profits is to provide a set of guidelines to willing plumbers and plumbing companies across the UK, so that the plumbers can; 

1. Educate their customers about judicious use of water and show simple tweaks that can help them save more water or money or both!

2. Do some basic checks to identify leaks or options of using water saving fittings or fixtures, and offer to fit those.

3. Inform the customers of the wide ranging impact of the water saving measures for themselves, their children and future generations.

CBS would also influence the civic society to help them change their habits of using water to save more of it. This is to be done via peers influencing each other to save water rather than any other means to do so.


According to the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the per capita consumption of water in the UK for 2017/18 was around 141 litres per day. It is estimated that if water leakage were to reduce by 50% and the per capita water consumption were to reduce to 100 litres per day in the UK, there would be adequate water for an additional 20 million people by 2050, without taking more from the environment. The Water Angels project will impact the per capita consumption of water in the UK to meet the above targets as far as the consumers are concerned.