Big Syn Film Festival

Big Syn International Film Festival, London.

Big Syn International Film Festival, London, is a the world’s biggest, online, not-for-profit film festival, inspiring viewers to act on the United Nations Sustainable Develoment Goals. The onus of a powerful visual storytelling will be on the film maker to create a visually brilliant, entertaining and thought provoking piece that cleverly incorporates an inspiration and message for the viewers to pursue the core objectives of CBS and one or more of the UN SDGs. These films should be made in the most environmentally friendly ways to minimise their carbon footprint starting from zero use of paper or high wattage lights or equipment powered by fossil fuels, to clever use of stock footage or other reusable and communal video resources as well as utilising innovative cinematic technologies with the least carbon footprint. The initiative will be coordinated via film festival listing websites, social media groups, pages and posts as well as a dedicated website.

UN SDGs:12
Status: Ongoing

How can you participate?

Join us to be a synergist and an Official Ambassador for the Big Syn Film Festival (#bigsynfilmfest19); spread the message around the world via your social and professional contacts, get involved with or manage one or more operations for the project, be a global influencer to create more changemakers, and be awarded and recognised for your contributions.

1. If you are a film maker who is making or have made a fiction, documentary or short social media video in the recent past that showcases the objectives of the Big Syn film festival, please submit your work via the website.

2. If you know someone who has been part of a film as above, please ask them to submit the details of their work via this link.

3. If you have just found out about this festival, have an interesting idea and would want to learn more about how to go about creating a short film, documentary or video, please contact us.

Find out more details about the project below.


Good stories with worthwhile messages always leave a lasting impression on the audience. When such stories are told via films, it can inform and influence millions. Meaningful stories, told through films have been catalysts for social, economic and political changes since the birth of the art form. The inspiration for the Big Syn Film Festival is drawn from this unparallel power of effective storytelling via films. When important messages are passed in the context of a visual story rather than just a generic message itself, the impact is far greater than otherwise. The Big Syn Film Festival intends to celebrate films, documentaries and videos that can brilliantly pass on core objectives of the Centre for Big Synergy and also encourage all stakeholders to actively participate in meeting the core objectives of the  UN 2030 Agenda.


The Big Syn Film Festival will be hosted annually in different locations across the globe or hosted virtually to keep a minimal carbon footprint depending on operational requirements. Submissions for the 2019 Big Syn Film Festival are now open.


The intended impact of films selected or celebrated in the Big Syn film festival is for the viewers of such films to be informed about the need and means to create a more responsible future for all, to be inspired by the ideas that they see in the films, and finally get involved or start such projects themselves. This would be another way of inspiring and influencing the least involved stakeholders, i.e., the civil society, in working towards the UN 2030 Agenda.