2019 Honorary Fellowship nominations open

Centre for Big Synergy opens public nomination for its 2019 Honorary Fellowships.

Category: Press release | Date: September 1, 2019 | By: Centre for Big Synergy, London. UK.

Today, the Centre for Big Synergy (CBS) opened public nominations for the 2019 Honorary Fellowships.

To nominate an Honorary Fellow, please contact us with the details of the individual/group and provide comprehensive information about their project/s and accomplishments since 2009.

Already, several  individuals and groups have been nominated for the 2019 Honorary Fellowships by the members of CBS from amongst 2295 notable individuals, from across the world.

The final list of individuals and groups to be felicitated with the 2019 Honorary fellowships will be announced on 25th October, the International day for Synergy.

The 25th of October will be celebrated ever year to felicitate notable ‘synergists’ from across the world with the prestigious Honorary Fellowships of CBS, London, for their tireless efforts in creating a thriving, able and responsible tomorrow for all of us.

The purpose of the event  would be to inspire further participation from the civic society in following the footsteps of the exceptional ‘synergists’ who have harnessed the power of synergy in their communities or even across nations, and are inspiring millions to bring the United Nations 2030 Agenda to fruition.

The accomplishments of these celebrated synergists and the impact of their actions on the lives of  millions will be shared with the world, for all of us to realise that the actions of each and every one of us  is crucial in producing  big changes, no matter how insignificant they might apparently seem to be.

Optimal synergy amongst ideas and actions is often the source of exponential impact when it comes to solving the major problems of our times.


For media enquiries please contact the Centre for Big Synergy via this link.