2020 International day for Synergy

Centre for Big Synergy celebrates the 2020 International day for Synergy

Category: Press release | Date: October 25, 2020 |By: Centre for Big Synergy, London. UK.

Today, the Centre for Big Synergy (CBS) is  celebrating the first International day for Synergy.

The International Day for Synergy has been established by CBS to honour and celebrate the accomplishments of true ‘synergists’ i.e. changemakers who have harnessed the power of synergy in their communities or even across nations to achieve the impossible. This day inspires everyone to follow their footsteps, and take note of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The accomplishments of the extraordinary array of 21 individuals and groups below are being celebrated today.

  1. Beatrice Savadye
  2. Judith Kitinga
  3. Chris Hena
  4. Marizole Banks Gwaxula
  5. Hermella Wondimu
  6. Kriti Bharti
  7. Asseny Muro
  8. Joseph Gitler
  9. Kel Sheppey
  10. Andrew Youn
  11. Chizoba Barbara Wonodi
  12. Peter Horn
  13. Bina Rani
  14. Veronika Cejpkova
  15. Bernadette Adeyilek-Tracz
  16. Lee Todd
  17. Emiko Ito
  18. Brisa De Angulo
  19. Michael Glendinning
  20. Gülsüm Kav
  21. Michelle Desilets

To learn more about the accomplishments of these leaders and follow on their footsteps visit thebigsynergy.org.

The 25th of October is celebrated ever year to felicitate notable ‘synergists’ from across the world with the prestigious honorary fellowships of CBS, London, for their tireless efforts in creating a thriving, able and responsible tomorrow for all of us.

Optimal synergy amongst ideas and actions is often the source of exponential impact when it comes to solving the major problems of our times.


For media enquiries please contact the Centre for Big Synergy via this link.