CBS launches Big Synergy Initiative

Centre for Big Synergy launches the Big Synergy Initiative to strike a balance between products-practices-policies and people-planet-profits by 2030

Category: Press release | Date: April 8, 2019 | By: Centre for Big Synergy, London. UK.

Today, the Centre for Big Synergy (CBS) announced the initiation of an international multi-project global initiative, the ‘Big Synergy Initiative’ (BSI), that will enable all global stakeholders to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This is a voluntary SDG commitment of CBS.

BSI aims to strike a balance between products-practices-policies and people-planet-profits to ensure long term sustainability and responsible growth for all. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that by 2027, the majority of products, practices and policies affecting the lives of 70-100% of the global population, have been created or have evolved in the most responsible manner possible. For the initiative to be successful, engagement of all stakeholders is necessary- especially those whose potential is yet to be utilised towards fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

All projects that will be run as part of BSI will be aimed at positively impacting the lives of the most number of people possible. They will be run in collaboration with other NGOs or charities in the UK and across the world where local presence is mandatory for the success of the project. Projects for BSI will include ones initiated by individual synergists of CBS as well as those initiated by partner organisations. The projects will be led, coordinated and executed by relevant world-leading advisors from across academia, industry and government as well as CBS’ executive team, and an army of volunteers from across the world.

While ‘everything’ that is ‘consumed’ by us is changing with our ever changing demands, it is now common knowledge that most of it is not being created or evolved in the most responsible and sustainable manner. Most of our practices and habits in conducting our daily lives, the goods and services that we use, and the policies that govern those are the key elements that determine the quality of our today and the prospects of tomorrow. So, it is important to note that when not all products, practices and policies have been created or are evolving in the most responsible manner, we are all going to be affected by those in one way or the other. If we analyse the big picture, we will find that the complex interdependence of products, practices and policies is already affecting each and every one of us through all means possible, starting from our health, food and wellbeing to socio-economic conditions, work and lifestyle to international tensions and territorial conflicts to name a few. Hence, it is imperative that if poorly thought through creation and evolution of the products, practices and policies continue, humanity and the planet will be irreversibly harmed, and more importantly we will deprive our next generations their right to have an able and thriving world to live in as we once had for us. Hence, in the greater scheme of things, the potential of impacts produced by our actions today to create a responsible tomorrow, will affect others, and vice versa. Eventually, our actions will not only create a responsible tomorrow for us, but consequently for all.

As complex as this may sound, the simplest of our initiatives can offer a chance to bring the necessary changes.

Timely updates of the projects will be published to keep everyone informed of the overall progress of the Big Synergy Initiative.


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